Welcome to Salbani
Location Godapiashal, Bhadutola, Medinipur, Kharagpur.

Principal Message

Technical Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone fora country to move into the niche of a developed nation. Education is the most powerful tool. capable of bringing the positive aptitude in the individual. In this competitive global scenario it is necessary to prepare the students to meet new challenges to enhance their career. The technical education system provides the practical education to student so as to groom their personalities to such a level that they create a mark not only in the growth and development of our own country but also make a remarkable and positive dent in development knowledge economies of the world. We wish the best for all our students, and the members of the institutions who reiterate their aims at providing the best in academic and extra-curicular fields. You are assured that you will be proud of yourself as a confident and successful Engineer after Three years at this Institute, Salboni.

Once again,we wish all our students and faculty a successful and rewarding career

Dr. Debashish Kundu

Principal, Salbani Institute of Technology